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UPSET Elektronik, with its knowledge and engineering infrastructure of more than 20 years in the field of power electronics; offers high value-added, quality, competitive uninterruptible power supply solutions and services.

UPSET Elektronik, which entered the sector with power electronics; Voltage

It continues to carry out its product range in a very wide area by providing quality service in the fields of Regulators, Dc Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Inverter Systems, Dry Type Fully Maintenance Free Batteries, Motor Drivers, Elevator Control Systems and Panels.

As always in this developing product range and product variety, it has never given up on the principle of quality product quality service.

Closely following the developments in the sector and turning these developments into a competitive advantage for its customers, not compromising on quality and trust, and being preferred more and more by its customers with its unconditional customer satisfaction-oriented quality approach  UPSET Elektronik is increasing its number of customers every year. and has grown by multiplying its sales figures and has become one of the leading, reliable, leading companies in the sector today.

UPSET Elektronik has grown by increasing the number of customers and sales figures every year and has become one of the leading, reliable, leading companies in the sector today.

UPSET Elektronik has set itself a mission to continue to transfer its resources to the sector by keeping up with the rapidly changing technology and development of the world.


With this mission, UPSET Elektronik aims to become a global market leader by investing not only in machinery but also in people and technology.

day and day is approaching.

With the increasing responsibility of providing better service, better quality and more competitive products to its customers day by day, UPSET Elektronik has made it a principle to make continuous investments and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with its sales and after-sales services.



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